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放射性物質の被ばくの脅威と特に守るべき対象者や自衛策をまとめました。 自分達の身は自分達で守るという意識で参考にしていただければと思います。


◆ 被ばく(内部被ばく)による身体への影響
◆ 被ばくの影響を受けやすい人
◆ 被ばくから身を守る方法
◆ 放射性物質を浴びた食物で内部被ばくの影響を受けやすいもの



本ページはアトラクターズ・ラボ株式会社が運営するWebサイト『節電大作戦(http://www.setuden.jp/)』 の Facebookページ版として立ち上げました。


Dear foreign people living in Japan and people outside Japan,

In Japan, struck by a deadly earthquake and tsunami, a nuclear power plant has caused a nuclear crisis. We feel very sorry for worrying people around the world.

About 20 percent of electricity for the areas around Tokyo is supplied by nuclear power. Unless we save electricity, a massive blackout will occur. We now need to save electricity as a common issue in every home and office. In such circumstances, we established this website where we wish to contribute to the stable social life by releasing the methods to lead a pleasant life while continuing to save electricity effectively and the questionnaire survey on people's attitudes toward saving electricity issues.

We will make efforts toward as early reconstruction as possible hoping to offer our products and services to please more people across the world.

If you kindly click on "Like" button, we will be very grateful and cherish it as spiritual support to move forward.